Lunch Bunch and our Afternoon Program are designed for children who are ready for a longer day.

Lunch Bunch and our Afternoon Program are considered to be a valuable social experience for young children.  Children bring their lunches from home. Peanut and any tree nut products are never allowed at CNS. If there is a child with other severe food allergies attending the school, certain additional foods may not be permitted at lunch bunch. This information will be distributed at the beginning of the year.

Lunch Bunch:  Lunch time is followed by a relaxed period for interactions with friends and materials ending at 1:00 p.m.

Afternoon Program:  Children enjoy an extended time outdoors before coming inside to have lunch. After lunch, various explorations, activities and investigations are offered and children enjoy a magical experience before settling down for a brief rest or nap.  Following rest time, children share a snack and story before finishing their afternoon with another visit to the playground.

The afternoon programs have their own teachers, working with other CNS staff. Enrollment for the two programs does not exceed 24 on any given day. The staff ratio is no more than 6 children to one staff person.

Afternoon Program Outline of Schedule
Time Program Activities
12:00 Begin Bell is rung on playground

Children hang belongings inside

Book explorations/Hand washing

Story, song, conversation

12:15 Lunch Social opportunity for children to enjoy a meal together; children bring in their own nut-free lunch from home
12:40 Activities Interaction with friends and materials
1:30 Rest / Quiet time Lay down mats, poetry

Half hour rest (with music or quiet story tape)

1:45 Activities Interaction with friends and materials
2:30 Snack Provided by the school
2:45 Clean-up
3:00 Pick-up time Children carry belongings to the main gate and are picked up by parents/caregivers