The CNS morning program runs from 9:00 to 12:00pm.  It includes three active classrooms and a multipurpose room that holds our studio and kitchen.

The Yellow Door Room is mainly composed of children who are three years of age. Twelve children attend the Yellow Door Room each morning.  We offer an option of 2 or 3 days in this classroom. Five days is also an option based on director approval.

The Red Door Room is for the younger four year olds.  Sixteen children attend the Red Door Room each morning. Most come to school four days a week. A five day option is also available based on interest.

The Blue Door Room is for the older four and five year olds.  Seventeen children attend the Blue Door Room each morning.  Most come to school four days a week, and a five day schedule is often available.

The ratio of children to teachers is approximately eight to one, with our youngest group having a ratio of six to one (children:teachers).

The teachers and Director are caring individuals committed to developmental, cooperative education. Each classroom has two teachers. Our entire faculty is trained in early childhood education and many teachers have advanced degrees in education. All staff members are trained and kept current in First Aid and CPR.

As always, our primary consideration is to provide a program that is in the best interest of the children. Each classroom offers children a balance of times for individual and group exploration with materials and ideas. Children have opportunities to experiment and express themselves using myriad art, building, sensory, nature/found objects, and dramatic play materials. While there is a routine flow to the day, there is also flexibility based on a deep respect for the needs and interests of the individual children and the group. There is always a mid-morning snack, a music and movement period, and time for outdoor play in our large playground.

CNS Morning Program Schedules

General Flow of the Day

Time Program Activities
9:00 Arrival and free play Materials exploration – blocks, art, dramatic play, manipulative, sand and water play
9:30 Meeting time Greeting songs, news & idea sharing, discussion of morning activities and projects
9:45 Activities, projects, and free play Special activities revolving around current interests, ideas and theories to be explored; some children may go to the studio or outside
10:30 Clean-up, bathroom break, outdoor time All are asked to use the toilet at this time (diapers changed for our younger children), but children may use the bathroom whenever they need to during the day; hand washing
10:45 Story time
11:00 Snack time Parent helper sets up snack
11:15 Music and movement
11:30 Outdoor play
12:00 Pick-up time


Schedules are subject to change based on weather or individual and group needs.