Community Nursery School is a cooperative nursery school with a developmental and constructivist approach to education. Children are seen as unique and competent individuals who come together to share and explore their world through interaction with a wide range of materials. Together the classroom is guided to appreciate the group’s similarities as well as their differences. Individually, they are encouraged to grow and learn in the way that is comfortable for each child.

Children and parents alike spend a great deal of time and energy at CNS. For those parents who are committed to the cooperative philosophy, the benefits are enormous. Our admissions procedures reflect the interactive nature of the school. We hope that they give you the opportunity to closely examine the unique qualities of our program. When your family joins CNS, you are making a commitment to the school just as the school is making a commitment to your family. As a cooperative, CNS operates only with the active involvement of every parent member of its community.

The purpose of the application process is for you to establish whether CNS is the right school for your child and your family. After visiting our website or reading our literature, those interested in continuing through the process make an appointment to visit CNS for an individual information session.

The information session will last no more than an hour and takes place during a regular school morning. Parents meet with the director for an exchange of ideas. We explain our educational philosophy as well as the obligations of all families who participate in our program. Parents have a chance to ask questions and share their expectations and goals for their children. We then take you on a tour of the school so that you may see the classrooms in session.

After your visit to CNS, you should have a better sense of the school and its appropriateness for your child and family. Applications will be made available at this point. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee which must be returned with the application. All written applications received by December 15th will be included in our lottery. The order in which applications are received before the lottery is of no consequence. If openings remain after the lottery is conducted, they will be filled in order of receipt of applications.

Preference in selection is given to siblings and returning families to the school. The number of new openings is then determined. This varies greatly from year to year. The final selection for the remaining openings – after sibling placements have been established – will be made by lottery from those families who have completed the application process.

Community Nursery School does not discriminate in hiring, employment, or admission practices on the basis of race, color, cultural heritage, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Please feel free to contact the school for more information.