Throughout our 70 year history, CNS has developed and maintained a variety of different traditions.  These include:

The Yellow Balloon Fair

Every year, on a Saturday in May, CNS hosts the Yellow Balloon Fair.┬áCNS families work together to create a day of joy for children and their families through a variety of traditional fair games, activities, and food. It’s a community rich day, which is open to everyone in town and beyond.

Birthday Book

To celebrate a child’s birthday at CNS, families are invited to donate a book to our library. This is a lasting way to share a favorite book with the wider CNS Community.

Ring the Bell!

On a child’s birthday, they are invited to ring “Barbara’s Bell” – the bell that sits high above our front door. Children ring the bell the number of years they have turned, and then “wait for it” … we listen for all the “good luck” rings that come after those!

Grand-Special Persons Day

Close to May Day each spring, we welcome grandparents or special persons to come for a morning visit which includes snack, activities, and sharing. The community overflows with love and togetherness. This is a very special day indeed!

Winter & Light

While we may not celebrate any particular holidays at CNS, we do welcome Winter with a celebration of light and wonder during our time in December. Parts of the school are transformed into a magical winter wonderland!

Open Choice

Throughout the year, on designated days determined by the teaching staff, the classrooms open the pocket doors which connect them and children are invited to play in any and all of the classroom spaces. This is a wonderful way to build community and encourage children to become familiar with all parts of the school, Open Choice is a favorite opportunity among the children to explore, make new friends, and rediscover old ones!

Our Hallway

Down the long hallway at CNS, an exhibit of children’s work helps to share the variety of investigations that happen in each classroom. The Hallway is used as a living documentation tool to connect with the entire community and also be used as a teaching tool for staff and families, alike. We “see, think, and wonder” about the experiences happening at CNS.

The Month of March

Every March, the school takes a journey to look deeper into a book or material, together. In the past, we have picked a book during that month and discovered different ways to explore it. Is it a folktale that comes to life through different cultural representations? Does the book come in different forms or with different endings? How do we look at storytelling through the book? We can also look at materials in the same way, recognizing that we may be using the same thing but come to it with many different ideas and levels of experience. We continuously share with each other, all the inspiring discoveries we make during this school-wide investigation.