The Story of Our School

Community Nursery School began with a small group of families in 1943, with a goal to provide a quality nursery school experience for children in the years between infancy and public school.

By 1947, CNS was more than a working idea – it included a building on its own two acres of land in Lexington. At that time it became incorporated as a non-profit cooperative institution. Families pooled their energies, interests and talents to bring together children and adults for a shared growing experience. Soon additions were made: classrooms, an office and a professional director to oversee the daily operations.

We have a rich history of believing in the value of parents and teachers as partners. Research continues to show that when parents and teachers are active participants who collaborate in children’s education, children benefit tremendously. We believe that parents and teachers benefit as well.

Our school has undergone many changes and experienced much growth over the years, but the original purpose remains unchanged. We hope to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where each child, parent and teacher feels safe, productive and valued as a unique individual and a respected member of the community. The value of collaboration continues to be an ongoing principle for all relationships at CNS.


The Story of Our Logo
In 1986 our school logo was designed by Ann Schauffler, a CNS parent who wanted to create a visual image to reflect the spirit of life at Community Nursery School. When asked about her inspiration for the design Ann said:

“At the time, the school really didn't have a recognizable logo--for stationery, t-shirts, etc. 
Three yellow balloons were on a sign at the entrance to the school. In my mind we needed 
something more memorable. I felt like the balloons were an important association--because 
of our annual community celebration, the Yellow Balloon Fair. I wanted to capture the 
spirit of the school--which, of course, is the children. Therefore, I drew a sample of diverse 
young children, holding hands and those 3 balloons, which could conveniently have C-N-S 
on them.  I wanted to design a logo without too much detail that could be reproduced 
easily, with a simple, clear image that would be easily recognized and remembered.  
It was also important to have a design that both children and adults would like. The logo
is simple and to the point-- and I wanted it to reflect what is at the core of CNS values:  
respecting and honoring the children who go there.”

We thought it would be interesting to revisit the logo and determine if, more than twenty years later, the design still reflected our school. Who would know best but the children? Small groups of children met to discuss the logo. They were asked where they had seen it before and what it made them think about. Responses included:

“It’s on the gate!”

“I have a shirt with that on it!”

“We have it on our car!”

“It’s on the school near your office!”

I asked them what this picture made them think about. They shared their thoughts:

“It makes me think about my school.”

“It makes me think about my friends.”

“It makes me think about learning things.”

“It makes me think about playing with my friends.”

“It makes me think about doing fun things.”

“It makes me think about the Yellow Balloon Fair.”

“It makes me think about my teachers.”

“It makes me think about my parent helping day.”

“It makes me think about CARING.”

Community Nursery School: friends, learning, playing, having fun, the Yellow Balloon Fair, teachers, parents, caring … CNS.

The children have spoken. Yes indeed, the logo still reflects the essence of who we are and what is important at CNS – more than twenty years later!