CNS Newsletter week 5/22/17

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Diaper Drive!

We are collecting diapers of all sizes (including individual diapers, open bags, and swim diapers) for donation to help local low income families from now until Friday June 9th. Disposable diaper donations will be sent to the Diaper Depot in Waltham. Please contact me directly at if you have any pre-owned cloth diapers that you would like to donate and I will confirm a pick-up plan with our local rep from Share The Love national cloth diaper bank.

Diaper Need Facts:

● One out of three families struggle to buy diapers.

 Diapers can cost up to $100 per month per child and cannot be purchased through government assistance programs such as WIC and food stamps.

● Families with an inadequate supply of clean diapers may attempt to wash and reuse disposable diapers, keep their children in soiled diapers for extended periods, and be denied participation in day care (preventing parents from working).

Thanks for your support!!


Terracycle Reminders/Updates!

Thanks for continuing to bring in items for us to send to Terracycle! Some important reminders/updates:

1.    In order to reduce mess and prevent attracting bugs, please make sure that all items brought in are reasonably clean on the outside (the insides do not need to be rinsed). Please shake crumbs out of any bags/wrappers. Pouches and personal care items should have the food/air/product squeezed out as possible and have caps on.

2.    At least for the time being, due to the limited storage space at CNS, please continue to use your home curb-side recycling pick up for any items that are accepted by your town (for example, Lexington will accept any plastic #1-#7 including bottle pumps/triggers).

3.    I will send in cereal bags/liners and foil-lined bar wrappers at the end of this month, so please remember to especially bring these items in over the next week!

Please do NOT bring in snack bags at this time as we are still on the waitlist for this program and have limited storage capacity at CNS (if you’d like, please collect these at home and I’ll send out an update if/when we are able to start collecting snack bags).

Here is a reminder of the items that we ARE currently able to accept:

1.     Single-serving food pouches (ex apple sauce, baby/toddler food)

2.     Foil-lined wrappers for granola, energy, meal replacement, and protein bars

3.     Toiletries (toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, lipstick/balm tubes, and containers for floss/deodorant/hair/skin/cosmetic products)

4.     Plastic liners from inside cereal boxes and plastic cereal bags

5.     Brita filters/packaging


Thursday Extended Day has quite a few openings!  Great way for your soon to be Kindergartner to experience a longer day!  Please contact Robbie if you are interested.


Rise and Shine Morning Camp (for kids ages 3-6)
June 19-23, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
We’ll start each day with a little playful yoga, then get busy making a delicious brunch together.  Your kids will come home entertained, fed, and with recipes to recreate at home.


Social Committee Update

Hike at Great Brook State Farm in Carlisle – Sunday, June 4 at 10AM

Join your classmates for a kid-friendly trail walk. After the hike stick around to enjoy all that Great Brook has to offer.  Enjoy a picnic on the lawn while watching frogs, tadpoles and swans swim in the pond, explore the “smart” barn, feed the animals at the petting zoo or grab an ice cream cone.
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Are you searching for something to buy or borrow? Do you have something to give or sell? Is there something going on in the Lexington or surrounding community you’d like to share with the CNS community? Here is the place to share it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have ideas or submissions for the CNS Newsletter? Email Julie LippertCNS clerk. Please send submissions as you would like them to appear in the Newsletter by Friday afternoon.

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