CNS Newsletter Week of 2/27/17

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Thank you for all the donations thus far!   I’ll be collecting items until March 8.
Thanks so much! Robbie
Items still needed
Maternity unit:
Mini deodarants
baby shampoo
Receiving blankets
Onesies or little outfits
Sun hats
School: Still can use more but got a large $$ donation for the 25 Charlotte Web books in French.
Colored pencils
Coloring books
Lined and colored paper
pencil sharpeners for kids
Anything you guys think they could use!

Rise and Shine Yoga and Cooking Camp!

Calling all adventurous 3-6 year olds!
June 19-23th, 9:00-12pm, Community Nursery School, Lexington, Ma.
During this morning camp we will wake with a lively and playful yoga practice and create a unique brunch recipe each day. In the kitchen there will be lots of opportunity for hands-on cooking : we will knead and roll out individual doughs for quiche with farm eggs, create our own homemade granola with yogurt and fresh fruit, compete in a team-smoothie making, bake fresh carrot muffins, chop up veggies for a yummy hash and learn how to whip up your own omelet.  $325.00
We are encouraging weekly participation, but Daily Drop-in’s are allowed. Contact Lori at


The Yellow Balloon Fair is coming in May — Help make fun prizes now!  Join us for one or both craft nights. No skills necessary. Come be creative or follow our patterns.  Pet rocks, felt wristbands, clothespin birds.
Thursday, March 9, 8pm, Ali Lynch’s House
Wednesday, March 22, 8pm, Sarah Morrison’s House
If you have any craft supplies you’d like to bring or donate, please let us know. We will have additional gatherings in April.
RSVP to Ali ( or Sarah ( and we’ll send you directions.


From Rebecca Hagopian w/ Mark Bailey – 

On Tuesday, March 7th, the Bedford Family Connection is hosting the workshop Dr. Nora Shine’s “The Talk. Talking to Adults, Listening to Kids. Realistic Strategies for Promoting the Sexual Safety of Young Children.”

Mark Bailey, father of Nora in the Far Room attended this parent ed event last year. I asked him to share his thoughts about his experience for the CNS community:

“I encourage you to drop whatever you thought you were doing on March 7th and attend The Talk. Nora Shine’s approach to preventing child sexual abuse is practical, effective, and liberating. Our girls know the privates rule, they know we don’t do secrets in our family (surprises are ok), and we’re able to talk to them now and then about staying safe without it being a huge deal. The strategy is research-driven and actionable. It anticipates entire communities liberated from paralyzing fear. We’re going again without hesitation and hope to see you there.” 


When: Tue Mar 7th, 2017, 7:30–9:30 pm
Where: First Parish
75 Great Road, Bedford MA
Group: Bedford Family Connection
Contact: Christie Martin
Description: Dr. Nora Shine, a Child Psychologist and parent of two young children, has created a two hour workshop in which she shares realistic strategies that parents (and teachers/counselors) can use to promote the safety of their young children, especially in regards to child sexual exploitation. Dr Shine draws upon her knowledge as a Child Psychologist, her experience as a parent, and her training as a facilitator in sexual abuse prevention from two nationally renowned organizations (D2L and StopItNow), to teach parents what really works in keeping kids safe from harm. In this workshop, Dr Shine will share research-based information about effective (and realistic) strategies that can be used to protect the children in your communities. After participating in the TALK workshop, parents and professionals will feel relieved to know that they can be a real part of creating safer communities for all children.

To learn more, visit:

It is important that everyone hear The TALK from the beginning. Please arrive before 7:30. The TALK will start promptly at 7:30pm.





Community Nursery School Open House Sunday, March 5th, 11am-1pm

CNS has openings in its 4-year-old classrooms for the 2017-2018 school year. Interested families are invited to come to an open house at CNS on Sunday, March 5th, 11am-1pm, and learn how CNS engages children to be creative, inquisitive, independent, and ready for elementary school, and fosters a community that enriches the whole family. Parents and children will be able to meet Director Liz O’Neil, tour classrooms and the studio, and explore the two-acre playground and property. More information is available at or 781-862-0741.

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