CNS Newsletter Week of 1/2/17

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It’s a short one this week, as I’m sure we’re all still in a holdiay daze….



For those of you, like myself, who are interesting in composting, but feel overwhelmed by starting it up, I have a great solution for you!
Black Earth Compost is starting residential curbside composting for Lexington. They may be starting it in other communities, too, but I haven’t researched that (I think they have a survey on their website to assess interest).
Currently the price is $99 for weekly Saturday morning pick-ups for six months. They hope to drop the price next year to $49/six months if enough people sign up to do it.
Additionally, in the spring they will give you a couple of bags of finished compost.
We are just getting started, so I don’t have personal experience to share yet, but I have been volunteering in the cafeteria at Hastings to help with the recycling/composting and I know it’s going well for them (through the same company).
To make it easy for you, if you are interested:
I got a same day response.
(They said more than one bin can be put out at once, but they request bin size no greater than 12 gallons. They will probably tell you that in their email to you.)
And this for my countertop (because it got good reviews on Amazon):
(Also, I asked about fruit flies and the person at Black Earth Compost said that if I empty the bin every 2-3 days, this shouldn’t be a problem. If I let it go a week, it probably will be.)
(I ordered all Amazon products through the CNS link and you should, too! 🙂
Perhaps most importantly, my kids are SUPER psyched to compost. Like, crazy excited. I definitely credit both Hastings and CNS for their knowledge and enthusiasm.
Hope this helps to get started!


Start your new year in shape!

Looking for an early morning, free, bootcamp-style workout?  Come join David Manuel (father of Andrew, far room), CNS alumni parents Tommy Reilly and Patrice Cleaves,  and other Lexington parents with the growing Berlfit workout group at 5:20am Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 6:20am on Saturday, at Lincoln Park, (on Lincoln St. near the Hayden Center).
All abilities welcome.  We work out outdoors year-round doing mostly cardio, muscle strengthening, and abs.  We had 14 people on New Year’s Day.  Come join us.

No reservations necessary.  Just show up.  We’re on Facebook at Berlfit.   Email David Manuel if you have any questions.    Thanks
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